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GoneFishinI am attaching some recent quilts. The Round Robin with Love in the center was my quilt in our recent friendship exchange. The Iris is a Mount Redoubt - Letitia Hutchins pattern - the center of the Round Robin is from the Faith, Hope, Love McKenna Ryan quilt...my brother in AZ got the Packers quilt and our son-in-law in CA received the Gone Fishing wall hanging. This one was a full bed quilt but I pulled a few blocks out of the design and ended up with a long wall hanging for him. I just finished one of the Tessalated pinwheel quilts and put together a Christmas wall hanging with a wreath of Poinsettias in the center. And now, on to yours. MD

Thank you for such a swift response! I appreciate your suggestions and will check them out. I will most certainly check out your sale! SB

Pat, I received the order yesterday. The turtle fabric matched my project perfectly and the book is absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much. KHThanks for the oven mitt. It is wonderful!! sue Japanese Fan quilt for Janelle 009

Thank you Pat. I appreciate you providing additional instructions. I enjoy sewing small quilts and the easier the better. Continued success in your business. Regards, May

Japanese Fan quilt for Janelle 006

Japanese Fan quilt for Janelle 002

G'day Patty, Enjoying your newsletters. Sorry its taken so long for me to send you these pics of the Japanese fan quilt I finished for my daughter. Am now in the process of putting together a Japanese Applique Block quilt with embroidery/appliqué done on my new Brother 1500d and will send you pics when I have finished it. Thought you would be interested in the Japanese ones I am doing. Have a few more still to get started on also.
Kind regards, RF

Received fabric today -LOVE it! Super fast shipping and great material. Glad I found your website. Rosie

Hi Pat - just to let you know that these arrived OK today - for some strange reason these particular patterns are quite difficult to find. Thanks for the promt service & I will be sure to check your website in the future. TC 

Quilt Doggie Log Cabin + Pillow slipHi Patty, Just thought I’d send you the log cabin I finished for as a lounge cover for Joe’s German Shepherds.

Also made the pillow sham to fold the quilt and keep it in. Don’t know if you can see the little grey kennel buttons I put on the back of the pillow sham.

Had all the stuff for it in my cupboard here (lol) including the buttons but I did buy locally the lemon tarton bias instead of making it as I thought it was a great blender to the other fabric I thought I originally got the paw print from you ages ago. The Debbie Mumms someone gave me heaps of it back in the 90’s and I just kept it stacked until now - this is what happens when we have clean outs (loldoggie log cabin closeup)

MarinersRobyn’s quilt for her son - A Mariner’s Compass Quilt. Formerly in the Navy, he is now in Australian Politics
Closeup of the anchor quilting. Bravo Robyn!.

Little Brown Bird

Hi Pat,

Got your email and was checking out things -- and there they were -- the fabric baskets! I've been making mine for a couple of months now. It's addicting. I have the book too -- it gives get direction and wonderful photos. What I found difficult to find was the "correct" clothesline -- once I bought one that had plastic deep inside, that doesn't work. The line you have is the perfect one -- they have it at a local hardware store for $7 each but I found it at a small fabric store for the same price as you ask which seemed more "reasonable". Anyway....I've attached a couple of photos my "creations". I'm having so much fun. I haven't tackled the square basket yet -- maybe soon. . . . now I'm enjoying the baskets but finding it difficult to not keep them all for myself. I counted the other day and I had 6 different ones in my living room. LOL DS

Keegan1Pat, I received them (water totes)on Friday and will enjoy using them as I had the original one. The quality, practicality and distinct fabrics really make the totes a pleasure to use. I work outside a lot and find that by partially freezing the bottles then filling with water they really help me keep hydrated year around.
Thanks, Norm
Hi Pat, it is good to hear from you. We are doing much better and have reservations for 11/13 to go to Hawaii and my parents are going too. Our wedding date is 11/15 on my birthday. I picked a pink fabric with white embroidery, it was the last swatch I sent for and I fell in love with it.
I was at Macy's today and had my water tote with me, I always take it with the strap on my shoulder. When I was checking out I had it on the counter and they had to call someone to help take the purchases to the car. The associate asked if I wanted to put that in my bag and I said "oh no, this stays with me, look at my water that still has ice in it." I put my bottle in the freezer and take it with me all day and sometimes leave it in the car and the ice melts slowly so I always have cold water. She was so excited about it and I showed her the inside and told her all about your products and she wrote down your web site. She said " you are so enthusiastic about this product, you should get a commission! I laughed and said when I believe in something I share with everyone. so that was my day.
Take care and I love to hear from you.

I got the water tote and I love it. Thanks. I think I will be ordering more soon because my hubby loved it and I know he wants one but maybe not cats! Thanks again Rose
I just wanted to let you know I received my order today in "perfect" condition. Thank you so much for taking such care to make sure my ordered fabric arrived safely. I can now finish my husband's Asian quilt. I know he will be thrilled! Again thank you for your wonderful service.
Respectfully yours,
Patty Thank you very much! When I won auction fabrics from you I had perused your web site & book marked to come back after the holidays! Today I remembered that you had fabrics I liked including the beautiful Asian fabrics I wanted to replace & I had time to enjoy! Today I really perused your website --what a wonderful variety of unique fabrics! I'll definitely be back!! Thank you very much for offering beautiful selections! Penny
Pat, my sister dropped by your booth at the last craft fair of the Christmas season to order two water bottle totes for two friends of mine who had admired the tote I received from my sister last year.
Thanks for putting a “rush” on them and waiving the “rush” fee for me! They arrived in plenty of time for me to give them. Both of my friends were completely thrilled with the totes and the fabric I had picked for them.
Thanks for making these quality items available. I appreciate your handiwork! DW
Thanks for your quick response Pat! I really appreciate you taking care of the matter! you have really good customer service! Thanks for the credit! I will be back for more fabric soon!
I received my order yesterday. I truly appreciate that you "hand mailed" & I received so quickly. I also thank you for packing order so very carefully including wrapping in tissue & the cellophane protecting Asian Fabrics Magazine. I will shop again with you soon-not only do you have wonderful & unique selections but you certainly give excellent customer service! Of course, I will not expect to receive future orders instantly! I do so appreciate that you cared about my lose & my deadline. Thank you so very much!
My order arrived on Monday, the fabric is beautiful. I love the Nouveau fabric that I won and the Hungry Animal Flannel panels that I ordered are cuter than they look online. Thank you again for your help and for your quick shipment. Have a blessed week. PB
Pat, You are correct my meeting was on Tuesday and by you using 2nd day air they were here Monday evening. The other nice thing was the email notification I got that showed they were being shipped 2nd day air and their scheduled deliver time. That just put my mind at ease. Raining like cats and dogs here this morning. Sorry I have to go out in it to go to work. Would much rather stay home and sew! D
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Pat. I truly have been meaning to e-mail you to thank you for the beautiful water bottle cover. I was so pleased with the color combination, but more importantly, the wonderful job you did. I'll be so proud to give it to a dear friend who has an old and ugly bottle cover! I love it when I find the perfect gift for a special friend. I know she'll be as pleased as I am. Also to know you can't buy it anywhere. It's custom!! By the way, I was very pleased for your fast service. I thought it'd be at least two to three more weeks before it arrived.
So I wish the best to you. Warmest wishes, SG
Good morning, Pat, I see in your Free Pattern section that you show there is no picture available for Hoshi's Garden. I contacted the designer of this quilt some time ago, and she graciously sent me the attached picture. I just thought it would help if your customers could see the finished product. C
Dear Pat, My fabric, magazine and extra goodies arrived today. I could not be more thrilled. Something tells me that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Thank you, SN
Hi Patty!
I received my tote, and it was perfect! It works soooo well! :D Mahalo!! Enjoy your weekend - I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you! S
Thank you so much. Your wonderful fabric arrived in my mailbox today. I am delighted. Birdie in MD
Order arrived yesterday, August 3rd. Thank you. That was super fast! YOU deserve a "pat on the back".--------Take a DEEP, cleansing breathe, and---------back to work. :-)
Regards, Rose
Thanks Pat! You deserve a "double" pat on the back!
I really appreciate your kind service. It is great doing business with you. June
You have a remarkable talent for communicating your humanity through 1 dimensional e-mails. I hope your business prospers in the new year.
Dear Pat, The fabric arrived just fine on Saturday and it's great! Thank you for the special Christmas wrap. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Kindest regards, Barbara
Pat, you are one of my "favorite" websites and I KNOW, when I want a Mary Engelbreit (which I am never any good at spelling), you are my lady! You are wonderfully personal and courteous. Thanks for being there, C
Pat, how wonderfully marvelous it is to do business with someone like you who not only delivers service but educates us to the whys and wherefores! I'll happily come back to you over and over.
Yes, I still want my original order.
Thank you sooooooo much, C
Thanx for the compliments and the "personalization" of our transaction...I am in the customer service industry (Quality Monitor) and it's all in the details, much the same as Q-ing! Sew Piecefully, B
Hello Pat-san ~ The book fabric arrived day before yesterday and I am delighted. I can count on your shop for different prints that I cannot find elsewhere and I love it! Kind regards, Celia
Hi Pat,... I still want to thank you for the dialysis bag you had made for me. I still have many use for it for I'm currently take 25 different meds and require to where clothes to cover my skin and a hat. Kind Regards, Maria
I was absolutely astounded when I went out to my mailbox, and the fabric I had ordered barely 24 hours ago was already here! I know it was sent in state, but, I have never gotten such fast service! I am thrilled.
Your selection of fabrics is great, and I plan to take advantage of that selection with future projects. Thank you again for such outstanding  service; you can be sure I will be singing your praises to others.
Thanks, Pat, I was glad to find out about your site from our doll group, AnnEstellesWorld. Sissy
Pat, you are the greatest and your web site is the best I've seen. I had given up on getting the yellow "sew Mary" & had done something different, but just in case I decide to redo the chairs, etc., please sent me 3 yds.
Thanks a bunch! I've referred several people to your web site. Keep up the good work.
It has to do with you...you always go the extra mile to find what I am looking for. And rarely, when you haven't been able to find what I needed, I know that you have exhausted all of your options and checked with all your connections. That is why you are valuable to me.

The price is secondary. That fact that you offer a discount is great, but that is not why I buy from you. I don't ever want to take advantage of you and as I said, I would feel very badly if you ordered something in anticipation of my wanting it and then found out that I was only "shopping" or checking availability.
Dear Pat,
I was pleased to get my order in such a timely manner. I have shared your website with several of my friends. I hope to continue to do business with you.
I love the fabric and can't wait to use it in a quilt. Natalie
I will wait for as long as it takes!!! Thanks for being our "gnat". You buzz
on, girl!!!

Absolutely superb service! I ordered on Friday and my order was in my
Monday morning mail. The problem is, when one company can do this, then
I expect everyone to be able to do it! Doesn't seem to work that way.
Thank you so much. Karen
Pat, for me I am glad you have gone into the fabric selling business. You have been a pleasure to buy from. Thanks Diane




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